Old Black Records – Brand Identity

Labis created the new identity of the Old Black Records. The challenge was to communicate the experience of the studio and its “retro bent”, but also give a hint of modernity to remember the high technology. The “Old Black” or “Preto Véio” is the predominant element of the visual identity. It is a component that translates very well its spirit and values ​​by referring to the legends of blues, jazz and rock: BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Little Richard, Ray Charles and many other black musicians and singers who made history. The old and wrinkled face conveys the experience of the studio. His seriousness remember the responsibility that one has to perform works which actually have the virtuous soul of rock: this is the proposal of Old Black Records.

A textura de fundo também foi pensada para comunicar o universo do estúdio: é a textura da espuma utilizada para isolamento acústico.

La texture di fondo è stata pensata per comunicare l'universo dello studio: la consistenza della schiuma utilizzata per l'isolamento acustico.

The background texture was also thought to communicate the studio universe: a texture of the foam used for soundproofing.