Wensky Bier – Classic Line

Initially, the logo was redesigned and than later move to the redesign the labels, for which, Labis was inspired by the values ​​of the brand – Poland, tradition, originality and craftsmanship. The Polish tradition is clear in the new product tagline: “To Jest Piwo” – This is beer, in Polish. Since the Brazilian consumer is not used to big variety of types of beer, we also translated the specialty and characteristics of each of the beers on the label. We start looking for references that carried the brand values ​​and simultaneously translated each type of beer. We chose to associate each beer to an animal typically European. For example, the Beer Baltic Porter  was associated to the Bison strengh. Then, the graphic line graph was inspired by classic features of European beers, without losing sight of creating something different, that represented the brand and create a unique identity.

A escolha do material de impressão, BOPP Metalizado, valorizou as linhas gráficas de criação. O trabalho também envolveu a criação de um novo site e de embalagens para presente. Nel corso della creazione, sono stati presi in considerazione i processi di produzione, come la scelta del materiale BOPP metallizzato, che ha valorizzato le linee grafiche delle etichette. Il lavoro include anche la creazione di un nuovo website e confezioni regalo.The choice of printing media, Metallized BOPP, appreciated the graphic lines. The work also involved the creation of a new website and gift packs.