URRO Esportes – Brand Identity

The old name of making clothes and sporting goods “Dprimma”, which makes an analogy to football, should be changed in order to give the brand a more comprehensive line of sports. The study of naming came from the goal: to translate the energy of the sports world, the love of the crowd and at the same time be part of the composition of a strong brand that prides customers, to be used on uniforms as a synonym of quality and status. HOWLING is exactly the cry of the crowd and the emotion of the player in the game. At the same time, it is both functional and emotional because of its simple spelling and easy to memorize. The visual element that was used as a basis for the construction of the logo could not stop being the throat where comes the howl from!

Da garganta à vibração do som produzido por ela, chegamos à estilização do elemento base e ao logo atual. A identidade foi declinada nos materiais promocionais, no site e nas etiquetas dos produtos.

La visual identity è stata declinata in diversi materiali promozionali, nel website e nelle etichette dei prodotti.

From throat vibration to the sound produced by it, we reached the styling of the base element and the current logo. The identity was displayed on the promotional materials, at the website and on product labels.