Banana Milanesa – Deforma Magazine

It has been two years of Deforma Mostra Design. The exhibition has served as showcase for new and also for the not so new talented ones. It managed to approach the design and art public, created space, promoted meetings and developed culture.

The project expanded to diversify the audience, to get further. And that’s why, in November 2014, Deforma Magazine has been launched.

The content editing of the magazine is affective. The Deforma moves away from any judgment and ambition of defining anything. Deforma is the vehicle of the culture, and as a vehicle, just want to take, lead, tell, and delight.

The graphic design line does not escape much of what has been done to the Deforma Mostra Design in previous years, totally escaping of the traditional, experimenting.

A descontração é trazida pela sobreposição das imagens e desconstrução do layout, com textos que não respeitam o padrão horizontal e blocos de texto e de imagens que se integram e completam.

La sovrapposizione di immagini e la decostruzione del layout, con testi che non rispettano il modello orizzontale e blocchi di testo e di immagine che si integrano e si completano, mostrano la determinazione d´avanguardia di Labis Design.

The overlapping images has brought casualness and deconstruction to the magazine design, with texts that do not respect the horizontal pattern and blocks of text and blocks of images that integrate and complement each other.