Avon – Intense

New fragrances were developed in partnership with local celebrities aiming to bring new customers of high quality products for the AVON universe. In Brazil, Ivete Sangalo, in Colombia, Paola Turbay and in Mexico, Rebeca de Alba. Labis Design has designed the perfumes packaging, its typography, and its graphic lines inspired in the strength, confidence and authenticity of these women, who are true divas in their countries.

The project of creating of the packaging, typography and graphic elements of the visual, criated to Labis Design, were inspired in the strength, confidence and authenticity of these women who are real queens in their countries.

That is why the central element of the packaging is an elegant lines symbol inspired in the crown. The signature of the diva reinforces the authenticity of the relationship between the product and the person who approves and certifies the quality of the product.

O color code, vermelho e dourado, remete à sensualidade e à sofisticação das divas, bem como o frasco em forma de silhueta feminina.

Il codice colore, rosso e oro, rievoca la sensualità e la raffinatezza delle dive maggiormente altresí rafforzato dalla silhouette femminile della forma della bottiglia.

The color-code, red and gold, evokes the sensuality and the sophistication of the divas as well as the feminine silhouette of the shape of the bottle.