Andare oltre,
is Go Beyond.

Labis works to make tangible the values of the brands. Here your business could be personalized on the naming, image and soul. Our goal is to promotetrue experiences between brands and consumers. We plan and think ideas that go beyond the obvious.



Brand Strategy;
Brand architecture;
Brand positioning;
Communication strategy;
Digital strategy.

Verbal Identity

Naming for brands and products;
Tagline and Slogan;
Institucional and promotional content.


Graphic Design

Concept design;
Corporate design;
Brand Design;
Product Design;
Retail design;
Material PS ;
Promocional material;
Advertising for print.

Digital Design

Web Design

Architecture of the information;
Interface design;
Website development.



Brazil & Italy

Artefice Group is an independent group with over 18 years of expertise in the design and communication market. Its five companies dominate many areas of brand communication, which optimizes work processes and generates qualitative advantage to the customers. Labis was born with the purpose of bringing to Brazil the group’s know how. It incorporates the European experience to the boldness of a young and constantly evolving market, such as Brazil. See the result on the group´s portfolio.
  • The creative heart of the group.

  • The creative link between Brazil and Italy.

  • Where the reality becomes virtual.

  • The creativity has thinking with technical eyes.

  • Where the ideas came to life.

Know our Process

We love what we do

Only in this way an agency is able to generate emotions that go far beyond results.
Banana Milanesa

The association nonprofit, Banana Milanesa, was created with the purpose of promoting the events of Labis Design. It is the cultural mood of the design agency which promotes independent initiatives that spread the culture in its many forms. His exhibitions and expositions avoid to be obvious, to offer to the public a new and unusual experience with art, design, film and music. The main event of the Banana Milanesa is held in parallel to the biggest week of Design in Curitiba, the Semana D. Deforma Mostra Design was created to promote, inform and demystify the design in all fields, inviting product designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, illustrators and artists to display their works.

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